"People oriented", intelligent sweeping robot aiming at service industry


As one of the fastest growing industries on the earth, robot has become a new era product of life everywhere through deployment and utilization of improved artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that artificial intelligence is the most powerful stimulant of robots.

As a synthesis of artificial intelligence personality technology, robot has successfully seized new business opportunities when the tide of artificial intelligence emerges. In the view of the industry, with the rise of artificial intelligence, the robot industry has been rapidly sought after by unprecedented capital, and ushered in the first year of the outbreak of service robots in 2017.

Catering robot, bank service robot, education robot, unmanned distribution robot, medical robot Under the great action of enterprises, intelligent service robots are invading various industries. As a result, as a product of the new technological revolution, robots from science fiction films have stepped off the big screen and become "consumer goods" everywhere in real life.

However, from toys to cleaning tools to companions, the era of high-speed development of robots is beyond people's imagination. The naked eye can no longer accommodate the whole world. When Foxconn factories eliminated and replaced human workers with robots, people began to worry about whether their work would be taken away by robots, which was originally an artificial intelligence product to solve human inertia.