Klinsmann employee birthday party


In this vibrant city, we are busy all day long, but we always count the years inadvertently. Everyone should hold a memorable birthday party in their lifetime. May everyone have good blessings.

There is a kind of corporate care that is always quietly immersed in the heart, and it must be a special fate that can come along.

A carefully arranged birthday venue, a dazzling array of gifts, and specially selected food. "Klinsmann" ushered in the employee birthday party in June. The company arranged a birthday party. Everyone released their love with joy, thanked the company with laughter, and enjoyed their own happy time~

Mr. Wu, the founder of the "Klinsmann" brand, sent his blessings to everyone, a thousand words of blessings. It's not as warm as the phrase "Happy Birthday to you".

Birthday will bring everyone closer, and we will share joys and sorrows on the way of struggle, and we will create a warm and harmonious "Klinsmann" with love!

Klinsmann is brighter because of you,
You are more brilliant because of Klinsmann,
We will be better in the future!
Once again, I wish you all a happy birthday!

Let the "Klinsmann" intelligent sweeping robot walk into your home.

Free your hands and make your life better!