A new generation of cost-effective sweeping robots


As people's lives get better and better, the requirements for purchasing home appliances are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, with high housing prices, many families must consider whether they occupy too much area when buying home appliances. High-end appliances that are easy to use and do not take up space are the first choice. Today, I will share with you a sweeping robot that is worth buying. It is made by German brand China and is KLINSMANN KRV210. What is the difference between it and the sweeping robots currently on the market? 

1. The body of this sweeping robot is only 5.6cm, and the ordinary body is usually about 8-9cm, so that cleaning the bottom of the furniture and the like will generally not get stuck.

2. Ultra-thin is still powerful, without any reduction in functions, dry or wet mopping is all right!

3. This sweeping robot can be controlled by a mobile phone, as long as the mobile phone is equipped with KLINSMANN APP, after configuring the network, you can freely control the machine on the mobile phone, whether you are on a business trip or work, you can make the machine work in real time.

4. It has super suction power. The suction power of ordinary sweeping robot is about 600 Pa. The suction power of this model can reach about 1800 Pa in laboratory testing.

5. Low-noise design. The sound of ordinary sweeping robots is generally louder. The sound of this model is lower than that of daily household fans.