How to clean the Top Model Robot Cleaner


1. First, open the cover on the Top Model Robot Cleaner, and remove the dust box and brush. 2. Secondly, open the dust box, pour out the dust and brush the filter with a brush. 3. Finally, clean the side brush and the main brush. Brush, and clean the hair entangled on the side brush and install it back as it is. Precautions for using the sweeping robot 1. Check before use. Before using the sweeping robot, you must check the specific conditions of the ground, and also Remove the obstacles on the ground, so that it is easy for the robot to clean. In addition, you have to check whether there are flammable items on the ground, otherwise it will cause damage to the robot. For example: garbage, peels, etc., it is very easy to block the sweeping robot The mouthpiece.
2. Reasonable placement. Secondly, the sweeping robot should not be placed in a humid environment, otherwise it will cause a short circuit due to damage to the motor and battery. 3. Regular cleaning I believe everyone knows that the sweeping robot will accumulate stains on the filter after being used for a long time, so it is necessary Clean the filter regularly. Especially the rolling brush and side brush will entangle the hair, so you need to remove it in time to clean it, and check the dust box of the robot in time.Top Model Robot Cleaner is your good choice.