How to choose Auto Recharge Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Auto Recharge Robot Vacuum Cleaner is your good choice.Wireless carrier indoor positioning technology. Through the combination of the body itself and the built-in wireless carrier probe in the charging base, it double-measures the distance change to locate the machine coordinates. It has strong anti-interference ability and high accuracy. The indoor positioning error can be controlled within 1cm. Representative brand model: Proscenic 790T.

VSLAM image displacement positioning technology. The ceiling is photographed by the built-in camera, and three objects are found on the ceiling to realize real-time positioning in the indoor environment, and then the composition and path planning are carried out. It should be noted that the ceilings of general households are often relatively simple, and there are not enough points that can be used as reference points, which will directly affect the positioning of the machine. Representative brand model: iRobot 980.
RPS laser navigation and positioning technology. Robot vacuum cleaners using this positioning technology generally have a laser probe on the top. The laser probe is rotated 360 degrees to measure the location coordinates of changes in the distance from the environment, scan the room to generate a 3D map, and select high-efficiency route cleaning based on map navigation. The laser positioning method is extremely accurate, and the biggest drawback is that it is easily affected by reflective objects such as floor mirrors.Traditional random robot vacuum cleaners have been gradually eliminated, and planning robots equipped with positioning technology are becoming more and more popular. I want to buy a truly intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. First of all, we still need to examine whether it uses positioning technology.Auto Recharge Robot Vacuum Cleaner is your good choice.