Cleaning Tips for Christmas Party


The Christmas holiday is approaching, and there is joy and peace everywhere. Holidays are the best time to party. People are free from busy work and feel the joy of reunion. Spending time with friends and family on this day, everyone has something to look forward to. However, the cleaning and arrangement before the party and the cleaning and tidying up after the party are often overwhelming.

Cleaning tips before the party

Tidy up: tidy up shoes, toys, etc. around the house, especially the place where guests are entertained. Too much stuff and not enough storage space? Baskets are a great solution-they usually look good and can be excluded!

Wipe all surfaces: Use your favorite general cleaner and start wiping your countertops, sinks, etc., until they shine! After finishing, light a few scented candles to add extra joy to the festival.

Clean out your refrigerator: It’s time to throw away the sandwiches that have been behind the refrigerator for a week. After the party, you will want to make room for all the delicious leftovers! Through classification, make your refrigerator more tidy and comfortable. By organizing items, putting all the appetizers in one place, all the main ingredients in another place, all the dessert ingredients in one place, etc., so you don't need to spend precious party time looking for your salad Side dishes!

We recommend that you prepare as much as possible in advance to save yourself some time on the day of the holiday party. You will avoid feeling overwhelmed, you can use your free time to capture anything you might have missed, and of course you can also prepare for the party!

Cleaning tips during the party

Clean while walking: After the guests have finished their meal, put the tableware directly into the dishwasher to prevent the sink from being filled with dirty dishes.
Set up visible recycling and waste containers: To avoid picking up trash after the party is over, be sure to set up a trash container, especially if you use disposable silverware, plates, etc.
Concentrate the gathering in one place: If you have enough space, limit the gathering to a few rooms, such as the dining room and living area. In this way, you don't have to worry about keeping the entire house clean.

Keep the floor clean during the party

It seems impossible to keep the floor clean throughout the night of the party, especially when there are so many people walking through your home. In order to keep your floor intact, please take off your shoes at the front door or suggest to bring indoor slippers. We also recommend buying carpets or cushions to protect the floor below, especially where people drink or eat.

(Reminder: In order to keep the floor clean all night, please start your sweeping robot. Your assistant can mop the floor or vacuum any spills, so you don’t have to do this.)

We all agree that after the holidays, we must have a clean and tidy home.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, Klinsmann wishes everyone a happy holiday and don’t forget to enjoy the party! You should relax and have fun with your family and friends, especially after your hard work. happy Holidays!