How to start a clean and orderly New Year 2022


To celebrate 2021 and a new start, we have compiled a list of family resolutions to keep your space clean throughout the year. We provide neat tips for everyone. So, let's start with some necessities.

Before you start the actual cleaning, it is important that you throw away anything unnecessary. If you haven't used something for months and it looks damaged, almost empty or worn out, it's time to say goodbye to them. Pick up those garbage bags and throw them all in to get yourself out of the chaos.


Develop a cleaning plan

Once the debris is gone you can start you should consider cleaning the floor. For many of us, the biggest frustration of cleaning is that things get dirty too quickly again. The best way to ensure that your house is spotless is to clean it regularly and in time. When you have a routine, cleaning becomes less time-consuming, and your house will not accumulate dust and debris.
Pro tip: We recommend cleaning the surface (floor, countertop, table, etc.) once a week, and deep cleaning once a month (washing windows, cleaning blinds, vacuuming the sofa).

Make your bed

This is our favorite way to change our mood, making our room look neater, and it takes almost no time. Rather than wasting time in bed, get up and make the bed and start the day. In addition, when you return to a neat bed, you will feel relaxed while sleeping! In particular, many of us continue to work from home and end your working day with a clean, hotel-style bed experience that feels particularly indulgent.

Wash the sheets regularly

Speaking of beds, we spend one-third of the day in bed. Regular washing of bed sheets is more important than anything else. Mites will breed if bed sheets are not cleaned for a long time. Moreover, our bodies are exposed to the outside environment for a long time, and the current epidemic is so serious. If we lie on the bed without cleaning it, we will undoubtedly bring the bacteria to the bed. This is a cleaning task that is easy to overlook. Pro tip: Silk pillowcases are a good bedding-they support luxurious sleep, skin and hair health and regulate body temperature.

Spray shower after each use

We said it before and we will say it again, if you have a shower door, clean it every time you rinse! Trying to remove accumulated scum is so tedious and time-consuming. In order to save some time and mental clarity, spray your shower door every day before going out. Use our best cleaning techniques to improve cleaning efficiency.

Buy a new item and throw away an old item

The holiday season may bring gifts—a new Christmas sweater, Black Friday baubles for your score, or even holiday candles. For every new thing, try to get rid of at least one old thing. This is a foolproof method to ensure that there will be no debris within a year, and it is a great way to keep donating things to those in need.

Additional tips for robot vacuum cleaner users

As a robot vacuum cleaner user, you are one step ahead of your commitment to maintaining a clean home. But in order to make your robot vacuum cleaner play a bigger role and make your cleaning experience easier in the new year of 2022, we have also compiled some new tips

Wet the mopping mat before mopping the floor

After wetting the mat, squeeze out the water and install it on the cleaning cloth board to improve the efficiency of the robot. This small step will help the water penetrate the fabric more evenly, when your floor looks more shiny.

Clean out the trash bin regularly

Emptying the trash can is annoying, but we also need to clean the trash can regularly. This will allow your robot to free up time to suck up more dust and debris, which ultimately improves efficiency. It is recommended to empty the trash bin regularly. The sweeper is a trash bin that can hold up to 30 days of dust and debris, and even check the drum for hair after each use to prevent damage.