Is it necessary to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?


Different people have different opinions on this issue. I personally think that sweeping robots are more suitable for these groups of people:

1. I am busy with work and have no time to clean the house, but I love cleanliness very much. I hope the floor will be spotless when I go home.

2. Families with children. A clean growing environment is very important for children, but many parents are busy with their children and have no time to clean.

3. Have pets. Hair loss, footprints, saliva marks, scattered cat litter and other problems make you distressed.

4. Allergy sufferers. If the home is not cleaned thoroughly, residual allergens that are invisible to the naked eye can cause allergies at any time, and deep cleaning is necessary.

5. The pursuit of quality life. Focus on the quality of life, but do not want to waste a lot of time on housework.

If you clean your room once a week, and the room is small, there's really no need to buy a robot vacuum. At most, use ordinary cleaning tools to clean the corners and corners of the house, and then use a mop once or twice. However, if you are in the above situations, it is really necessary to build a sweeping robot, and you will find that it can really help you save a lot of time!