Sweeping robots are the most popular home robots today


Recently, household robots have continued to be popular, and the most popular one is the sweeping robot. They are small and exquisite, do not take up space, and have a strong cleaning ability, especially the bottom of the sofa, the corner of the room and other places that cannot be cleaned every day. But sweeping robots are still unable to replace humans, and there is still room for improvement in cleaning up bulky garbage and avoiding obstacles.

In the past year, the sales of smart home products have been extremely hot, and the most popular is the sweeping robot. This voice-compatible, self-charging robot vacuum from Klinsmann supports several cleaning modes:
1. Automatic mode (the machine starts high-coverage cleaning, and returns to the charging station after completion)
2. Edge mode (machine cleaning along walls or furniture edges)
3. Light spot mode (specific area);
4. Timing mode (preset cleaning);
5. Strong mode (APP adjusts suction)

The Product Details:

  • Voice compatibility self charging robot cleaner

    With 3 pairs of infrared cliff sensors, KRV305 moves safely in your home, using anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs without the risk of falling

  • K185 can easily climb a 15 scope and climb over most of obstacles

    climbing ability reach 2cm, offer you a non-stop cleaning.

  • 10 pairs of infrared anti-collision sensors

    soft cushion bumpers, avoid obstacles and protect your furnitures.

  • Automatic dock and charging

    When battery is almost run off,the robot will automatically goes back to charging dock for recharge.

  • 3 pairs of infrared cliff sensors

    robot moves safely in your home using anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs without the risk of falling

  • Control water flow

    well-distributed water penetration. The water tank stops dispensing water as the robot stops or auto recharge.

  • Brushless vacuum motor

    Vacuuming with strong suction power,making the cleaning more thoroughly. Hi rotation rate,long service life with low noise.

  • V-shape roller brush

    Collect the dust more completely, the V-shape is designed to reduce tangles and the bristles help extract dirt,dust and crumbs.

  • Amazon alexa and Google home compatibility

    Simply ask Alexa or Google assistant to control your robot.

  • Remote controller

    Easy to control your robot with infrared remote controller

  • Wet and dry mopping

    300ml big capacity water tank and dust bin

  • Multiple ground cleaning